Contest Dec 2019

Competition name: Rabbits, piranhas and foxes


Prize: ActivePuzzle Complete Set (245$ worth)


Due date: 31 December, 2019

Mission: The poor rabbits cross the creek over the bridge when they may be attacked while crossing by piranha fish and after crossing by foxes coming out of the forest. The piranha fish are only active while the temperature is above 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius).

Using ActivePuzzle pieces, build a robot to protect the rabbits from the piranha and the foxes: The robot will control the revolving gate at the entrance to the bridge and allow the rabbits to cross only when there is no danger - that is, no piranha fish and no foxes are around.


Browse the puzzle catalog and read the online user guide to learn about the function of each ActivePuzzle piece.


  • Any of the puzzles in the ActivePuzzle set can be used

  • Same puzzle part can be used multiple times

  • The cogwheel can be used along with a motor puzzle like in the example shown in the attached images.

Please attach an image/diagram containing the robot structure of your solution - you are free to draw the solution in any way, as long as we can understand it.

Winner: a random draw will be made among those who submitted a valid solution and we will publish the winner name.



Click here to submit your solution! 


The IR transmitter and receiver can be positioned towards each other on both sides of the creek, so that information about foxes on the forest side can be transmitted to the gate side. See the images below.


Aquí en ActivePuzzle nos encanta aprender jugando (honestamente, ¿a quién no?), Y es por eso que inventamos el juego ActivePuzzle, piezas de puzzle con las que se pueden formar robots. Somos científicos e ingenieros que pasamos a ser educadores. Durante mucho tiempo estuvimos buscando un lenguaje para expresar ideas emocionantes. Creemos que lo encontramos.

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